Petit Abode

Undermounting Sink Clip Pack

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It wouldn’t be a Petit Abode inspired play kitchen without undermounting the plastic sink! Doing this not only helps keep any spray paint from chipping around the edges, but also keeps your sink in place Incase your little one loves lifting it out!!

Undermounting the sink instantly makes the play kitchen look amazing, like a real kitchen. 

Our undermounting sink clip packs include 5x clips, you’ll only need 4 but a spare is always handy! 


Flip the wooden countertop upside down, line up your plastic sink so it’s sitting directly over the sink hole and mark the four corners with a pencil in case the sink moves. Place a clip over the lip of the sink on each of the 4 sides, and gently hammer the nail into the wooden countertop, making sure the clip stays over the edge of the sink! Flip over and double check it’s still all lined up correctly and ta da! All done!